“I believe litigation can do more harm than good—especially when families are in crisis. Divorce is hard enough. Let me help you create a smooth transition for your family.”

—Bianca Truitt Green

“The phrase ‘friendly divorce’ may strike some as an oxymoron, but it is increasingly a trend and a real possibility. Mediation, rather than pricey and contentious litigation, is now more common than ever.”

—Susan Gregory Thomas

“According to a startling study done by Robert Emery (Clinical Psychologist at the University of Virginia) a few hours of mediation can produce lasting changes in children’s post-divorce lives.”

—Bob Thompson

Why Mediate?

Because it works! Parties in conflict find mediation to be a less stressful, less expensive and less adversarial way to resolve their disputes. Studies show that couples who choose to mediate their divorce rather than litigate are more likely to talk regularly about their children’s needs and problems, to take part in school events, daily activities, vacations and holidays. With mediation the neutral mediator helps the parties identify the issues in dispute and then facilitates their negotiations toward the goal of developing mutually beneficial agreements. Choosing to work together in mediation eases the financial burden of divorce, improves communication between the parties and gives them both control over the outcome (subject to court approval). In short, the mediator controls the negotiation process but the parties control the outcome. It’s a “win-win” for both sides.


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